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I'm 22. I'm a Mother. Model. Internet Personality. I have a handsome son named Jazion. I'm from California. I'm of Creole descent.
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    1 year ago
    Life’s Not Fair

    I’ve been busting my butt off working for T.J. Maxx the past 3 months as a sales associate & they decided to hire my cousin on permanently instead of me. She was doing nothing no different than me. I even smile & greeted customers more than she did. It is not right. I worked fast as well. It was all because of favoritism that she got the job. It’s not right. I will bounce back and find somewhere to work though. Unlike my cousin, I actually have a son to support. I can’t sit around and do nothing.

    1 year ago
    I bought this notebook because I liked the cover. Very inspiring quote.
    Morning All. I am ready to start the day!
    Pissed Off

    Be aware of fraud! There’s this website that took $30 out of my bank account with an electronic check I did not authorize! The website is called I never did business with this company but they still took $30 out of my account. I’m going to my bank tomorrow to see what I can do. I may need to close my account & open up a new one to be protected. I looked up this company online & there is a whole bunch of scam reports and ripoff reports on this company! I am very pissed off! I will let my voice be heard. I will not let this company get away with this.

    1 year ago

    "She might move on the rappers & ball players but we all know I hit it first. I hop in the club & boppers show love & I don’t even put in work."-Ray J

    I’m loving Ray J’s new diss song towards Kim Kardashian & Kanye West! He did put her on & he finally exposed her!

    1 year ago
    At the Too Busy “Sexy” music video shoot!

    I’m bored…someone ask me some questions on here anything, click here => 

    1 year ago
    My 3 year old son today 11/22/2012
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